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The original manuscript of Newton's apple on internet


LONDON - The manuscript that describes the circumstances in which the English scientist Isaac Newton discovered the universal law of gravity - in observing a falling apple - was posted online Monday by the Royal Society.

  •    The original manuscript of the biography of the scientist, written in 1752 by William Stukeley, was retained in the archives of the Royal Society, a British scientific institution, the most prestigious and which celebrates this year its 350th anniversary.

    William Stukeley says in his "Recollections of the life of Isaac Newton" how one evening after dinner with the great scientist, the two men went out for tea under the apple trees of the garden.

       Newton then said "it was then exactly the same situation when, previously, the notion of gravitation came to him in mind. This thought was triggered by a falling apple so that Newton "was sitting in a contemplative mood," according to Stukeley.

       "Why is it that apple always falls perpendicularly to the ground?, He wondered ...", continues the author.

       The full text can be accessed at the web address (http://royalsociety.org/Turning-the-Pages/), where the user can virtually turn the pages of manuscript online.

       The Royal Society also proposes to consult the contribution of the philosopher John Locke in a preliminary version of the U.S. Constitution, and illustrations of rare animals and plants of the 17th to the 19th century.

       The Royal Academy serves as Academy of Sciences of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth with over 1,400 members.
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