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Morceli’s ex wife denies Islam, children at a crossroads


Algiers- The wife of former triple world champion Noureddine Morceli, Patricia said on a Swiss website that Muslim education had been imposed on her children Abdurani (Abdelghani) 10, and Aishah (8), reason why she asked for divorce.

  • The latter renounced of Islam to which she had converted to marry Noureddine, she wore the Hijab and took the name "Meriem".

    The marriage of the Olympic champion Noureddine Morceli with the Swiss Patricia Bieri, 35, has not lasted too long. Those latter preferred to divorce after they had lost all hopes of continuing to live together. The divorce dates back to 2002, after only five years of marriage and the birth of two children, Abderrahmane 10, and Aisha, 8.

    The divorce itself, as it is tolerated in Islam, is not a problem for the couple, but its effects on children are. According to Patricia, the Muslim education imposed on children by force forced her to renounce of the religion to which she had converted in order to marry Noureddine, whom she had known in 1991 at a sport meeting in Zurich.

    Even if Ms. Morceli had resigned under pressure from her father, who is also his current coach in marathon specialty, to which she came back in 2005, children keeping and divorce for the reasons mentioned above, our champion will have to face a real problem. Although they were born Muslims, Morceli’s children will certainly have a Christian education which will be imposed by their mother.

    Patricia has given evidence that she had not converted to Islam out of conviction but out of interest. She would not have taken off her Hijab return to athletics she had left in 1999, dressed in an indecent manner.

    In 2005, Patricia returned to the Marathon and in 2009 she took part in the World Championships in Berlin where she ranked 38th. She said proudly "I am no longer the wife of Morceli, and I'm happy."

    The former world champion had left Athletics for health reasons and personal reasons that may be related to this issue.

    Ennahar / D. Badreddine

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Ahmed on 01 November, 2009 12:39:58
Allah yahrekoum ya wjouh echar.
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